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In June 2019, Yubao 10-knife pull-over V-slot machine was launched on the market.


In June 2018, Yubao 8-knife pull-over V-slot machine was launched on the market.


In January 2017, Yubao applied for the title of high-tech enterprise. In March 2017, Yubao East China Marketing Department and North China Marketing Department were established. In April 2017, Yubao India Branch was established. In May 2017, Yubao ERP system was successfully launched. The enterprise information management system was further completed. In May 2017, our company expanded its production scale. In October 2017, the company held a grand housewarming ceremony. In December 2017, Yubao was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise


December 2016 Yubao CNC 6-knife V-slot PIN launched the market


September 2015 Yuhong (Hong Kong) Equipment Co., Ltd. was established and Yubao entered the international market.


September 2012 Yubao CNC 6-knife pull-over V-slot machine launched on the market