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Dongguan Yubao Electronic Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, formerly known as Dongguan Tangxia Yubao Hardware Products Factory. The company is located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, the manufacturing capital of China. Adjacent to Suishenhui, the transportation is convenient. It is the earliest professional PCB circuit board V-slot equipment integrating R&D, production, sales and service in China. It was originally a manual V-slot equipment and various non-standard automated manufacturing and peripheral supporting enterprises. The company has equipment research and development department, production department, after-sales service department, marketing department, Dongguan headquarters in Guangdong, East China pre-sales and after-sales department, North China pre-sales and after-sales department, international pre-sales and after-sales department. It is the current domestic PCB circuit board V-slot industry and An enterprise with scale and strength in the development of automation equipment.

The company is based on high technology, a high starting point, and the introduction of foreign advanced technology. The parts are imported, and the company's perfect technology research and development and management system are integrated to produce robust, stable and efficient automation products. The main products are: manual V-slot equipment, semi-automatic V-slot equipment, steering V-slot equipment, CNC single-pole V-slot hanging PIN, CNC 4-knife edge-to-edge V-slot, CNC 6-knife edge-to-edge V-slot, CNC 6-knife V-slot hanging PIN, etc. Mainly used in: printed circuit board (PCB), single-sided board, double-sided board, multilayer board, aluminum substrate, etc. Different customers meet different needs.
The company has set up an after-sales service center in Dongguan, and strives to provide customers with timely, complete and guaranteed services. We always adhere to the corporate spirit of "Pioneering and Innovating, Keep Improving" and the corporate philosophy of "Integrity-based, Excellent Quality". Gather first-class talents, create first-class technology, and create first-class cost-effective products. Serving customers better. Yubao will be your trusted brand!

development path
August 1993 Started to design V-CUT cutters and manual cutting machines
September 1999 Dongguan Yubao Hardware Products Factory was established in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City
In October 1999, Yubao Tool and Machinery Division was established and officially put into production
In March 2005, Yubao launched the world's first manual steering cutting machine and participated in the exhibition at Dongguan Houjie Convention and Exhibition Center.
In March 2011, Yubao CNC 4-knife side-over V-slot machine was launched on the market
In September 2012, Yubao CNC 6-knife side-over V-groove machine was launched on the market
In December 2016, Yubao CNC 6-tool V-slot hanging PIN was launched on the market
In January 2017, Yubao applied for the title of high-tech enterprise
March 2017 East China Marketing Department and North China Marketing Department were established
In April 2017, India branch was established
In May 2017, Yubao ERP system was successfully launched, and the enterprise information management system was further improved

In May 2017, the company's production scale expanded