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"Do not forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind"-------Yubao automatic high-speed V-groove cutting machine creates value for customers

(Summary description)

(Summary description)


CB is known as the "mother of electronic products". It not only provides electrical connections for electronic components, but also carries business functions such as digital machine analog signal transmission, power supply, and radio frequency and microwave signal transmission and reception of electronic equipment. Most electronic equipment and All products need PCB. Under this prospect, Liu Baozhen, general manager of Dongguan Yubao Electronic Precision Equipment Co., Ltd., who has been professionally and intelligently manufacturing V-CUT machines for 26 years, often instills in employees to treat customers "not forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission." The original intention is to make customers profitable. Purpose and mission, to temper the work character of loyalty and courage, focus on the core work, make great efforts to solve the practical problems of customers, and carry out the work with a high degree of ideological consciousness and a full mental state.

Entering 2019, 5G news will continue to be heard. Either operators start large-scale tests or terminal manufacturers release 5G mobile phones. The commercialization of 5G brings unlimited market opportunities to the upstream and downstream industries. At the same time, while 5G also brings opportunities to the PCB industry, it also puts forward higher and more demanding requirements for our V-CUT machine. In the same year, our company improved internal strength in R&D, production and management, increased research and investment in product technology, and continuously met the new requirements of customers and products.

"Don't forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind", professionally and intelligently manufacturing V-CUT for 26 years, we have continuously gained the support and trust of new and old customers. The requirements of our customers for our products, all employees of Yubao can't wait for a moment, and can't be too slow for a moment. , A sense of urgency and responsibility that can't be delayed, and make great efforts to solve the actual problems of customers. Work follows the aspiration, and success follows the work. This is the value of all our employees.

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