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2017 Yubao team is united and leap to the top

(Summary description)

(Summary description)


The season of sky high and cloud is a good time to climb mountains and enjoy the scenery.

The summer in Lingnan is even more charming.

The various beautiful fruits in the mountains have left a lot of stories to the ancients:

Wagon gold color, white jade skin in the middle

Yiqi Hongchen concubine smiles, no one knows that it is lychee

In such a beautiful season, the Yubao Minions are getting ready to go and have an intimate contact with nature.

Is climbing to relax and play? Look at why that handsome man and beautiful woman didn't look over, oh~~ It turned out to be a secret shot.

Climbing high is to keep fit and beautify after sweating? Now all kinds of stealing the spotlight are coming~~~

The purpose of climbing is to let you understand that only by standing higher can you see the farther beauty~~~

The purpose of climbing is to let you understand that it takes hard work and sweat to stand on the highest point~~~

You see~~ Those who are left behind can't get the camera

The purpose of climbing is to make you understand that going up the mountain is easy and difficult to go down, and it is perseverance~~ You see, the YB spokesperson’s feet are trembling, be careful!

Climbing is even more a kind of team spirit and the embodiment of corporate culture. After leaping to the top, you can see that Yubao’s birthday star is enjoying the benefits of the big family

The blessing he brings.

The Yubao family will get together next time at the beach! !

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