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PCB peak season to Juxiang's August revenue rushed to 108 million

(Summary description)

(Summary description)


PCB process drilling mat material factory Juxiang benefited from the August PCB demand peak season. Since August 2014, its revenue was 108 million yuan, a new high this year, with an annual growth rate of 0.92%. Juxiang has accumulated from January to August. Consolidated revenue was 777 million yuan, an annual increase of 3.52%. Juxiang said that the new American high-end smartphones will be officially launched before the end of the third quarter, and the peak component procurement season will begin in August. At present, the demand for soft boards and HDI boards for high-end smartphones has greatly increased. The purchasing power of drilling pads is very strong.

The director of Juxiang said that in the third quarter of this year, the high-end smartphones launched by major American manufacturers will be launched in 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models. In August, downstream customers are actively purchasing goods. The market is currently predicting the upcoming launch of new models. The sales of large-size mobile phones will grow by more than 80% compared with the previous series of models. As Juxiang's market share in high-end mobile phone soft boards and HDI boards reaches 90%, revenue in August increased by 0.92% compared with the same month last year.

Looking forward to the performance of the second half of 2014, Juxiang remains optimistic. In addition to the visibility of orders for two high-end smartphones from major US manufacturers until the first quarter of 2015, related tablets and smart wearable devices will be launched one after another. In addition, other manufacturers have also launched low- and medium-priced smartphones to attack emerging markets, and the coming Christmas peak season, consumer electronic products such as tablets and wearable devices, are expected to add growth momentum to their operations.

Juxiang’s stock price closed at 27 yuan on the 4th, up 0.25 yuan from the previous day, with a trading volume of 161 contracts.

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