Influence of MTBF Mean Time Between Failures on Product Reliability

MTBF means "Mean Time Between Failures". It is a measure of the reliability of a product (especially an electrical product).

As the country attaches great importance to the improvement of product quality, it has received more and more attention from bidders. How to design a reasonable MTBF test program, how to verify the MTBF and other issues have been plagued by many enterprises.

1. What is MTBF?

MTBF, also known as the average time between two adjacent failures, in "hours", is an important measure of product life Reliability data.

2. MTBF Common Application Products

Information Products: Computers, Servers, Switches, Monitors, TVs, etc.

Rail Transit: Signal Control System, Braking System, etc.

Medical Devices: Ultrasonic Percutaneous Puncture Locator, Multifunctional Therapeutic Apparatus, etc.

Electronic and Electrical: Controller, Camera, etc.

3MTBF Analysis Purpose:

. Key Countermeasures for High Frequency Failure Parts and Technical Transformation Basis for Prolonging Part Life.

2. Calculate the life cycle of parts and make a maintenance plan.

3. Select the spot check objects and items, and formulate and improve the spot check benchmark.

4. It is used to guide the distribution of internal and external maintenance work. According to the evaluation of the company's internal equipment maintenance capabilities, the maintenance quality and equipment efficiency of internal work should be determined according to different equipment types and operations

insurance, as an important reference for maintenance outsourcing.

5. Develop standards for spare parts. According to the MTBF record analysis to determine the mechanical and electrical parts of the reserve items and basic inventory quantity, so that the inventory level to reach the economic situation.

6. Provide a reference basis for selecting key points for improving maintenance techniques and methods. In order to improve the operation rate of the equipment, shorten the long maintenance operation time related to the equipment shutdown and engineering adjustment switch. Therefore, it is necessary

to check the maintenance operation method, and the basic information such as inspection items and priority selection is based on the MTBF analysis record table.

7. It is used to set the expected operating time standard of the equipment object, study the maintenance operation and the selection of the maintenance time standard. According to the maintenance situation of the equipment, the expected time standard of the maintenance plan is formulated, and the difference between the repetition cycle or standard time value of maintenance item

and the actual maintenance time and the corresponding maintenance operation characteristics are selected. Therefore, MTBF analysis table is very necessary.

8. Provide reference for finishing and re-selecting key equipment or components. Equipment part modification items or friction deterioration information recorded in the MTBF analysis record sheet, as well as equipment drawing modification or pre-production, etc.

Engineering drawing management becomes easier by being able to perform frequent analysis checks and priority management.

9. Develop and revise operating standards and determine the allocation of responsibilities for equipment maintenance operations.

10. Provide technical information on equipment reliability and maintainability design. Based on the MTBF analysis table, the technical information of equipment reliability and maintainability design is collected to realize the reliability and maintainability design of equipment

to provide reference for the design department to design equipment.