Environmental test chamber winter protection measures and how to choose antifreeze

Why do you want to do refrigeration work?

The ambient temperature is too low, which may cause the circulating cooling water pipeline to freeze. Once it freezes, the pipeline may freeze and crack, causing water leakage, refrigerant leakage, and damage to the water pump and compressor. For the safety of the equipment, please pay attention to the ambient temperature of the equipment and the supporting cooling water system, and take the following protective measures:

When the ambient temperature is about 0 ℃, such as Shanghai, Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Chongqing and other places in the Yangtze River Basin, keep the cooling water circulation system running when the equipment is shut down to ensure the continuous circulation of water.

If the ambient temperature is lower than -10 ℃, such as the Yellow River Basin, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Gansu and other places in Northeast China, please add antifreeze below -30 ℃. Please refer to the selection and addition of antifreeze below for the use of antifreeze. If the equipment does not run for a long time, for safety reasons, please empty the water in the cooling water system and use compressed air to blow out the residual water in the pipeline.

Note: If you use antifreeze, there is no need to empty

. Reasonable addition of antifreeze is the key to antifreeze

There are various types of antifreeze with different formulas on the market, so many customers do not know how to Choose, deploy, or have selected some antifreeze that is not suitable for our equipment.

The company's equipment has certain requirements for antifreeze. If the wrong selection or improper use will damage the internal pipeline of the equipment, the performance requirements of the antifreeze are as follows: 1. Stable chemical performance

2, good antifreeze performance 3, low temperature viscosity not too high 4, corrosion resistance and rust prevention

5, rubber sealing conduit

without expansion and erosion performance Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of common antifreeze in the market:

constant temperature and humidity test chamber

mostly uses ethylene glycol water-based antifreeze at home and abroad, which can be based on ambient temperature requirements, directly choose the appropriate proportion of antifreeze to use. The antifreeze mother liquid, that is, the concentrated type is generally not used directly, but should be used according to the requirements of the use temperature, with softened water to a certain concentration can be used. Let's introduce the use of glycol antifreeze.

☆ Antifreeze cannot be used directly after purchase. Deionized water should be added according to the following proportion:

should be based on the local historical minimum temperature, and the proportion should be combined with the actual situation.

1-36 ℃ ~-45C6:4(60% antifreeze: 40% deionized water)

2-24 ℃ ~-35C5:5(50% antifreeze: 50% deionized water)

3-16 ℃ ~-23 ℃ 4:6(40% antifreeze: 60% deionized water

)-6 ℃ ~-15C3:7(30% antifreeze: 70% deionized water)

-1 ℃ ~-5C 2:8(20% antifreeze: 80% deionized water)

☆ It is recommended to add a concentration of not less than 30% in actual use