Classification of mechanical reliability tests

climate environment test: high temperature test, low temperature test, damp heat test, salt spray test, rapid temperature change test (temperature change rate 25 degrees/minute), dust test, waterproof test, rain test, rain test, immersion test, temperature shock test, temperature cycle test, solar irradiation test, xenon lamp test, ultraviolet irradiation test, temperature and humidity combined cycle test, low pressure test, etc.;

mechanical environment test: mechanical vibration test (random, sinusoidal), mechanical shock (half sine wave, post-peak sawtooth wave, impact response spectrum) test, free fall test, collision test, earthquake test, impact test, tilt test, free fall test, packaging and transportation test, etc.

hardening test: high accelerated life test (HALT), high pressure cooking test;

reliability test: accelerated life test (ALT), MTBF test.