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YB380-E steering cutting machine

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Do you want to save your cost of the enterprise?

 Introduction: We have visited many companies in the same industry in Japan. The deepest feeling is that the management level and technical level of Japanese companies are super high. The performance of Japanese companies is much higher than that of us. Some of the process data reflects the difference of ten times. This is a problem that our Chinese entrepreneurs must face and resolve. However, another phenomenon has come to the agenda. That is, in the companies of the same size, the number of employees in Japanese companies is much smaller than ours. In view of this, the company responds to the call of the PCB industry and develops in a conservation-oriented manner. The V-CUT cutting requires one employee for each equipment. In the horizontal and vertical directions, a person is needed to sort to operate the vertical processing. In view of this, a steering machine is specially developed, which has the characteristics of simple operation and convenient maintenance. The two V-CUT cutting machines are equipped with this steering gear, which can save 1.5 employees' workload immediately. The phenomenon of leaking V and wiping will not appear again. For what are you hesitating? You only need one phone call for us to help you.

YB380-E Steering Machine





Special function:auto feeding and receiving boards

Transmission rate:3.5kw

Cutting width:75mm-380mm

Cutting groove distance:15mm-380mm

Cutting thickness:0.8mm-3.2mm

Cutters loaded for paper board each time:1cutter-10cutters

Cutters loaded for fiber boards each time:1cutter-8cutters

Cutting speed:stepless speed

The housing of machine:stainless steel


Parts attached:washer960pcs、wrenches6pcs、bearing for plate-guard40pcs、Allen key2sets、Cutter panel2pcs、Cutters2boxes、Plastical ring200pcs、Granule40pcs

Remarks:For any models to be booked.(E.g.:YB480-E、YB580-E)



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