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380-LB alluminum substrate cutting machine

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      Own one cutting machine for alluminum substrate plate you are proud of.


In order to meet the special requirements of aluminum substrate machining and forming, in addition to the need to ensure the accuracy of the aluminum substrate cutting requirements, as required that the grooved line after processing is smooth and without cloak, and the finished product without burs on the cover, and the surface no scratches, not only to meet the cutting process of the deformed plate, but also to avoid the occurrence of secondary deformation, at present, the commonly used external processing method is to use CNC milling machine for processing, but the processing efficiency is very low, so the metal substrate machining has become one of the most difficult problems in the industry.

      In order to solve the problem of metal substrate cutting and forming, Dongguan Yubao Electronic Precision Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed and produced a high-quality and inexpensive manual 380-LB V-CUT cutting machine for aluminum substrates at the request of customers. Double-sided, 2-10 knives make the depth more controllable. The machine has the advantages of simpler operation, higher precision, faster speed and more stable quality. This cutting machine is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation to achieve higher precision. The conveying method is uninterruptedly conveyed according to the traditional manual which is faster than the traditional numerical control, which is necessary to manually take the board, and then input the boards, and the quality of the product can be ensured after the tool wears. According to the drawing size and the same operation as on the traditional manual machine, the manual aluminum substrate cutting machine is the only high-performance, high-efficiency aluminum substrate in the world of V-groove cutting machine. 






Special function:Auto receiving boards

Transmission rate:3.75kw

Cutting width:75mm-380mm

Cutting groove distance:15mm-380mm

Cutting thickness:0.6mm-3.2mm

Cutters loaded for paper boards each time:1cutter-10cutters

Cutters loaded for fiber boards each time:1cutter-5cutters

Cutting speed:7.5m/minute

The housing of machine:stainless steel


Parts attached:washers480pcs、wrenches3pcs、bearing for plate-guard20pcs、Allen key1set、Cutter panel 1pc、cutters1box、plastical ring100pcs、granule20pcs

Remarks:To be booked for any models.(E.g:380-LB、480-LB、580-LB)

Please click to watch the video of machine↓↓↓↓↓:



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