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YB-630 automatic V-CUT machine

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Usage:YB-630  Auto   V-CUT machine,applicable to PCB forming

Stable function、high cost-effeciency win the recognition of vast customers.


      Max process size  630mm630mm

Min process size  105mm105mm

      Process thickness      0.3mm~3.2mm

      Process position      from the origion to the first cut, it could reach 7.0mm above

      Process space      set up within the parameters

                    it has correction function of whole closed circle

      The times of cutter jumps     it can be set up within the parameters.

      Process  accuracy      Residual thickness ±0.05mm

                    Parallel ±0.05mm

                    Space ±0.05mm

      Process speed      0-50m/min

      Machine sinze      1850W2000L1400

      Machine weight     1500kg







Introduction of electrical control  system 

The servo-motors for the up and down cutters are Japanese Mitsubishi,which has the precision of 3µ.            

The max rotating speed is 3500rpm and the max output power is 200W

The rollers for pushing boards have servo-motors of Japanese Mitsubishi which has the precision of

The max rotation speed is 3500rpm and max output power is 400W

The shafts of cutters use servo-motors of Japanese Mitsubishi which has the precision of

The max rotation speed is 3500rpm and the max output power is 700W

The up and dow sand wheels have the Japanese Fuji servo-motors which have the precision of

The max rotating speed is 8000rpm and the max output power is 400W

PLC module controller uses six-shaft motion control

It have very stale control.


Introduction of software

The system data and PC comprehensive management

The process data is transmitted in 10 seconds.

The Chinese operation system is simpe and easy.

The management of process data files can reach 10 thousand lots.

It has the functions of searching and deleting the process data.


The whole procedure testing instrument without boards  The action procedure introduction

The machine uses pin action procedure methods from West Germany.

It has human-friendly operation procedure letting the job more fluent.


Practical function for board  production

Matching the body height of workers with human engineering lets the operation much easier.

The main body of the machine matches the human egineering, and suitable for humanbody height,let the operation much easier.

The machine has more stability after having stress relieving and rigidity strengthen.

The whole procedure has very high precision,big productivity and raise the efficiency.

Introdcution for the function of clamping jaw

The machine applies clamping jaws with 7 independent cylinders.

It could adjust the amount of cylinder flow independently.

The open nails are grinded finely,the specification is 2.50~3.20mm

For both usge of pin hooking and side holding.

Auto relieving boards

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